BrownBird Team

We are a group of young developers working together on numerous projects. This is our blog where we post our work, guides and other things we want to tell the world about.

Recent posts

  • Hacknite 4.0

    This year we participated in Hacknite 4.0 CTF (Capture The Flag) competition. After 48 hours of solving problems, we managed to win the first place. Since it was definitely one of the best competitions we participated in, we decided to share our impressions and solutions for all tasks, here on our blog. About Hacknite For…

  • Our new website

    We are finally launching our new website. A month ago we decided to write a post about a competition called Hacknite we participated in, but our old website had a few problems. The design was not good, it lacked some information and was generally not well structured. That’s why we decided to rebuild it from…